Our work is a-mayes-ing

Motorcycles , Semi-trucks,  simple washes to full-details, we've got you covered. 

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High-Quality Products


We use the highest quality, commercial products to ensure your car is done right each time.  We only use products that we are certain are safe for each vehicle we care for. 

Professional Service


Each vehicle we care for is done by hand. We believe this is the best way to ensure protection of the vehicles exterior and interior. Each of our detailers is trained to provide the highest standard of service our customers have come to expect.  We treat each vehicle as if it is our own!

Our Promise


Our motto is, it is greater to earn a little through righteousness, then a lot through unrighteousness. We strive to always provide an A-Mayes-Ing service, regardless of the job. We promise to get the job done right and do what it takes to get and keep your business. 

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Mayes Carwash, LLC

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Monday - Saturday:  8am - 7pm

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